Proper brake care and maintenance is another one of the most crucial maintenance that is needed to your Honda. On a daily basis your brakes are exposed to a lot of harsh conditions. This could include: Extreme weather, road conditions, and constant friction. As your brakes pads and rotors deteriorate, they lose their ability to slow or stop the vehicle. This is where regular service and inspections are important. By foreseeing the wear and tear on the brakes, we can help to prevent an accident, keep your brakes in top working order, and prolong the life of your brakes. When you see the Maintenance Minder B symbol, it’s time for brake service at your Honda dealer. Brake service on your vehicle includes:

  • Inspection for wear and deterioration
  • Removal of debris and corrosion
  • Replenishment of lubricants

If your brakes need replacing, bring it in to your trusted Honda dealer. We use Genuine Honda parts to maintain the original performance of your Honda’s braking system.