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  • » Stop and exchange information
  • » If there are any injured individuals, notify the police immediately
  • » Inspect the damage on both vehicles
  • » Create a record of the accident, with a diagram, and any witness


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Contact your insurance company and make sure to let them know that you only want Genuine Honda parts used on your Honda vehicle.

And, you want the repair to be completed by a Certified ProFirst Collision Repair Facility.

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Why consider a Certified ProFirst Collision Repair Facility?

Certified ProFirst Collision Repair Facilities are committed to a complete repair, through required ongoing industry education and annual third party certifications.

Annual Inspection and Certification

Through a third-party, Honda Canada annually inspects all Certified ProFirst Collision Repair facilities to verify proper equipment, facility cleanliness, and overall shop operation. Training verification is also performed on an ongoing basis.

Mission Statement

The purpose of ProFirst is to promote the correct, complete and safe repair of Honda vehicles and to provide support to those collision repair businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to a high level of customer care and satisfaction.

Insurance & Collision Repair

Most policies require that the vehicle be returned to “pre-accident” condition*. Exactly what that means isn’t always clear, but it certainly means more than looking like it used to from a few feet away.

Like parts, not all insurance is the same. If your policy doesn’t specify OE parts, your insurance company may require the use of a specific amount of “non-original” parts—parts that may not have been crash or performance tested, particularly with your Honda’s systems, and may not meet Honda’s safety, quality and performance standards.

And a repair with anything other than Honda original equipment parts, and Honda recommended repair procedures, may compromise the safety, structural integrity and vehicle systems of your Honda, as well as the finish, performance, durability and value *PRE-ACCIDENT CONDITION:  The condition of the vehicle immediately before it was damaged. This includes the restoration of:

a) The function of the vehicle and all its systems 
b) The safety of the vehicle as designed by the manufacturer, including its ability to withstand and absorb subsequent impact and protect the occupants in the same manner as an undamaged vehicle
c) The appearance of the vehicle

Genuine HONDA Parts

Your authorized Honda Dealer is the best choice for all your Honda needs. In the event of an accident, your Honda Dealer will use only genuine Honda parts for your vehicle. Furthermore, they have the technical knowledge and expertise to repair your vehicle. Genuine parts are the only parts manufactured to Honda’s exacting standards for fit, finish and corrosion protection. They are the only parts covered by Honda's warranty.


Many car leases, including HFS leases, require the use of original equipment parts.

Know The Facts About Your Insurance

Under no circumstances are you legally obligated to go to the shop your insurance company may suggest. As the vehicle owner it is your right to choose the collision repair facility that you prefer to repair your Honda. Many Honda dealers have their own body shops and can help you through the repair process.




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